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The Talent Club

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The Talent Club is a local bar and music venue in Talent, Oregon. They needed a fresh website design that was simple enough for patrons to get the easy info they needed about upcoming events and showcase some new bar upgrades.


Additional Services

"Levi is amazing. Our customers keep telling us how easy the new website is to navigate, and even our less tech-savvy patrons are stoked to get new show updates and be able to pre-order tickets without any trouble.

Following initial website design, Beaver Media integrated newsletter promotions to increase returning audience for shows at the Talent Club and keep their loyal customers in the know on new seasonal brews, push merchandise sales, and send “thank you” offers and holiday greetings. 

For bands and entertainers, we offered promotional photography and videography. This was used to keep the local pages for The Talent Club (think Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, and other local search and social media pages) fresh and up-to-date with engaging representation of their shows. As a bonus, the artists received professional content to help promote themselves, with “Talent Club Live” branding to further grow the live music awareness for The Talent Club.

Going even further with our support for The Talent Club, we helped to install security cameras for the business and configure their network to allow remote login & monitoring on a secured private connection. We then consulted with them to research and find the best Point-of-Sale (POS) system that would allow them to take credit cards for the first time (historically a cash-only bar had been an attraction, but eventually became a hurdle to new, younger clientele) – and in so doing, we made sure to find the best provider with the lowest credit card and transaction fees that also allowed integration to the website that Beaver Media had created for The Talent Club. Now customers can order merch or growlers to-go direct from their website and pick up on the way home, and their inventory stays consistent with what has been recorded in-store.  Pretty neat, huh?