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REVIEW: “World Spins Madly On” (short)

In the 6-minute short “World Spins Madly On,” the main character is too high to do anything but stare into space for a good long while before a note he wrote to himself drops from the sky. Eventually, at a crosswalk later on, some jokesters in line behind him break him from his purple haze, and his atrophied synapses finally fire a connective shot. He makes a mad dash after some girl he randomly passed by earlier on the street, only now he has a sudden urge to talk to her. As the boy and the girl awkwardly ignore each other on separate phone calls – her trying to get directions to someplace she could easily map on her device, and him taking a tech support call (solidifying the hipster stereotype that this character oozes) – they somehow find that having the most common things in common must be a sign that they should probably be together forever.

This short is wonderfully shot by Roger Metcalf, but it feels like an extended Verizon commercial that Director Jeremy Jed Hammel wanted to fit at least 3 of his favorite indie bands’ songs into (though he bested my sarcasm by actually fitting 5 in).

The highlight of this short came from the performances of the 2 guys behind the main character in line at the crosswalk (Dennis Hurley and Quentin James, from Friends of Gertrude). Whether written or improvised, their comedic banter was the only point of realism in this fairy tale – reminding viewers not to take the short too seriously.

While I found this video to be quite cheesy, other viewers might well enjoy it. “World Spins Madly On” is a fun and quirky reminder that you can find love at anytime, anyplace, and that the Universe is still a mystery.