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REVIEW: “The Mayo Conspiracy”

Promoted as a mockumentary of the seedy underbelly of the condiment industry, The Mayo Conspiracy highlights the cartel referred to as “Big Mayo” and their grip on America’s condiment usage. How much power could Big Mayo hold over the public? If you believe the facts revealed in this film, Big Mayo had hands in some of the biggest events in American history, from the JFK Assassination, to the CIA’s clandestine attack on the ghettos, to the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal, and the most recent controversy over the newly passed Affordable Care Act promoted by President Obama.

If co-directors Craig Horwitz and Anthony J. Vollmer dropped the satirical tone of this film, it would be quite easy to take the information seriously – at least as seriously as most every home-made conspiracy video on YouTube today.

The white devil’s condiment is just one tool wielded by the condiment establishment to keep control over the populace, but it’s unobtrusive nature makes it one of the most powerful. The typical citizen may not have any idea how ingrained in our society mayo has become, and while this film is satirical in nature, this reviewer believes that the filmmakers have used their jokes to hide some disturbing facts in a way that gets the word out to investigative viewers while protecting themselves from the mayo cartel’s vengeance.

While a fun and enlightening piece on the culinary industrial complex, this film may have a limited audience. There are lots of inside jokes for other conspiracy-minded viewers that may pass over typical viewers, and when taken in that light, the film may be a little long-winded for regular viewers. For conspiracy nuts, however, The Mayo Conspiracy is a real treat.

The Mayo Conspiracy won the award for Best Comedy Feature at The World’s Independent Film Festival (2015) and will have an LA Premiere on Nov. 13th, 2015 at the Big House Los Angeles Entertainment Festival.

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