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The Great Beaver is based in the State of Jefferson.

Between the Trees

between the trees poster

THERE ARE NO FRIENDS IN THE WOODS Steve, his marriage collapsing, invites his friends on a weekend retreat to the mountains only to discover his real troubles are in the trees that surround them. The men encounter a deranged killer and their fun weekend becomes a fight for survival.


Movie Poster Besetment

Writer/Director Brad Douglas has masterfully concocted with nearly surgical precision. The acting was superb and probably the best I’ve seen in a low budget movie of any genre in many a moon. The Great Beludini, Tennessee Horror A woman in desperate need of a job gets hired at a small-town hotel in Oregon, but her … Read more


movie poster chloe

3-Time Award Winner at the Killer Valley Horror Film Festival. Among the lights and sounds of the city, a predator roams.

Rogue River

rogue river poster sm woman travelling through rural Oregon to scatter her father’s ashes accepts a car ride from an old man after her car is towed. She is forced to find an escape after he takes her captive and subjects her to physical and psychological torture. Starring: Michelle Paige Chris Cox Bill Moseley Lucinda Jenney

Babysitter Wanted

babysitter wanted poster

A new life is starting for Angie, who is leaving the embrace of her mother to study at university. She applies for a baby-sitting job on a remote farm; however, her first night  of work might just be her last when she must fight for her life to protect herself and the child. One of … Read more

My Name is Bruce

my name is bruce sm

Four teenage kids from the tiny mining town of Gold Lick vandalize a nineteenth-century cemetery of Chinese laborers when one of them disturbs the demon, Guan-Di, who has been guarding the souls of 100s of workers killed there. One surviving teen goes in search of his hero, over-the-hill B-movie star, Bruce Campbell. He kidnaps the actor … Read more